〰️ Gold filled is a very durable alternative to solid gold. It is a layer of 14KT gold that has been pressure bonded to an underlying base metal. It won't turn or flake off like a gold plated item, and there is a much thicker layer of gold. Rose gold filled is a gold and copper alloy bonded to a base metal. The gold content is 1/20th or 5% of the total weight.

〰️ The base metal of our bars, coins, and cuffs is a brass alloy called CDA 220 (90% copper, 10% zinc). It is "double clad", meaning there is gold on the front and back. The edges are not covered in gold because they've been cut. The brass alloy underneath looks like gold to the eye, but sometimes the edges could need to be polished before the rest of the piece. This is also important to note if you have sensitivities to copper or zinc.

〰️ Wear with care since scratches on gold filled can't be buffed out like solid gold or solid sterling silver. Abrasive polishing will remove gold and over time the base metal could be exposed. It is suggested to avoid perfumes, chemicals, and water to ensure a long life. When you don't plan on wearing the piece for a while, store separately in its original box, a soft pouch, or even a plastic bag.