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A major trend! These beaded stretch bracelets can be customized and stacked. They look gorgeous on your wrist and are really eye-catching because of the way the gold beads reflect the light.

♥ D E T A I L S 

The gold beads and logo tag are 14K gold filled; the letter beads are plastic.

Sold individually.

Gently roll on and off to extend the life of the stretch cord.

Not intended for small children. They could break and the beads are small enough to be choking hazards.

 ♥ S I Z I N G ♥

If you're unsure of the recipient's wrist size; medium is a good choice. The average wrist size is between 6"-7" inches. If possible, it is best to measure to avoid ordering the wrong size.

Extra Small 6", Small 6.5", Medium 7", Large 7.5", Extra Large 8"

These sizes refer to the approximate length of the beads before its tied together, not your wrist size.

Choose a size .5" - 1" larger than your wrist size depending on if you'd like a snug fit or a loose fit.

♥ P E R S O N A L I Z E ♥

Add your personalization request in the text box. If you'd like gold beads between specific letters (as shown), please note that as (gold bead) where you would like one placed. The default is none in between. Numbers aren't currently available, just letters and hearts. When the letters flip over, they're still oriented the right way. When the hearts flip over, they become upside down.

The last two pictures show two of these bracelets with the Kaia Cowrie Bracelet (sold separately).


♥ B A N G L E  S I Z I N G ♥

〰️ Bangles are sized differently from other bracelets because they need to be large enough to go over your hand. Measure all the way around the widest part of your hand (at the knuckles). When measuring, bring your thumb over to your pinky as if you were putting on the bangle.

If you don't have a measuring tape, you can use a string and then measure it against a ruler. If in doubt, size up. The size measurement listed is the circumference. You may want to choose a size a little bit bigger than the measurement that you get, in order to get it off and on comfortably.

XS: 6.5" 〰️ S: 7" 〰️ M: 7.5" 〰️ L: 8" 〰️ XL: 8.5"


♥ A L L  O T H E R  B R A C E L E T S  ♥

The size you select is the size of the bracelet, not your wrist size. A snug fit would be .5" larger than your wrist size, and a regular fit would be 1" larger than your wrist size.

XS: 6" 〰️ S: 6.5" 〰️ M: 7" 〰️ L: 7.5" 〰️ XL: 8"

For stretch bracelets, these sizes refer to the length of the beads before its tied together. They are approximate.

For other bracelets, the size is the length of the bracelet end-to-end, not including the extender chain. Most bracelets come with a 1" extender. This is an extra inch past the size you choose (the 6" size will be able to adjust to 7" with extender). The tighter the fit, the harder it will be to get a clasp-style bracelet on by yourself.

Cuffs are one size fits most, as the longest length we are able to cut is 6". They will fit a 6" - 7" wrist and are slightly adjustable.


♥ N E C K L A C E S  ♥

Chokers are usually 12"-14". Ours come with a 2" extender chain to ensure a good fit for all neck sizes.

Its best to measure your neck with a soft measuring tape. If you don't have one, you can use a piece of string and then measure that against a ruler.

XS - 12"

S - 13"

M - 14"

L - 15"

XL - 16"


Regular Necklaces:

Small Necklaces are 16"

Medium Necklaces are 18"

Large Necklaces are 20"

Long or Statement Necklaces are usually 22"-26" and up.

This is just a guide and some people will need larger sizes, depending on their neck size. Some people cannot wear a 16" necklace at all. If you're choosing a size for a gift, consider the build and neck size of the person who will be receiving it.

Bar Necklaces: The chain length that you select is just the length of the chain and closure. It doesn't include the length of the bar.

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