Malea Hoops || Gold Filled

$ 68

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♥ D E T A I L S 

These 14K gold filled hammered teardrop hoops have a bohemian bridal vibe!

They feature Herkimer crystals & cultured freshwater pearls that are wire-wrapped onto the hoops in a beautiful cluster. Each pair will be unique due to the natural variations of the Herkimers and pearls.

Approximately 44mm x 30mm, not including the french wire hook.

Wear and store with care to avoid bending them. They are 100% handmade and although they go through a hardening process, they are more delicate than mass-produced earrings.

They soldered rather than a cast component, so there will be a visible solder joint at the top where the ring connects (it looks slightly less gold than the rest due to the nature of the solder). The content of solder is different from the gold filled itself, and sometimes it can need polishing before the rest of the piece. 


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