Our Story


After island-hopping between St. Maarten and St. Barth’s in 2013, I came home with wild ideas and exciting inspirations. I found that jewelry was my place to start, and eventually I turned my ideas into a company! My vision mirrors my own personal style – a little prep and a little bohemian – as well as my adoration of the ocean, nature, and travel. Stella Kate is a lifestyle brand for like-minded daydreamers.

I believe in using quality materials. I work in precious metals: sterling silver, and gold filled. Leather, gemstones, silk, and wood are natural elements that I incorporate into my designs. The materials are sourced from all over the world, just as my inspirations.  Precious metals and basic supplies are purchased from US companies; and some items are only available from other countries, such as native wooden beads from the Philippines, Hill Tribe silver from Thailand, and Czech glass from the Czech Republic.

Never overdone and constantly evolving, I strive to set my designs apart from the "same old" boho bead necklaces that are everywhere! From casual to glam, I incorporate a luxurious, timeless feel into all of my designs. Each piece is designed by me in my home studio.

My husband is a Marine, and we are currently stationed in North Carolina. I'm originally from Virginia, and he's from Michigan. Who knows where we'll end up! We're excited for many adventures ahead. He is my advice-giver, display builder, support, and a lot more. You will see him right by my side at markets and other events, and he is just as passionate about the company as I am. Check Facebook & Instagram for upcoming events. We hope to see you soon!