❥ The personalization is hand-stamped, not engraved. 

 ❥ There's a text box on the product pages where you can enter your stamping request. Please enter it as exactly as you want it stamped. We will stamp exactly what is shown in the box. If you want a design stamp such as a heart, write (heart) where you'd like it placed. For example, DEW (heart) or D (heart) B. If we aren't sure what you want, we will email you. Production will start once we hear back to confirm.

❥ Uppercase stamp sets for Sloane or Marlo are not currently available.

❥ Plain punctuation available:  Hashtag, comma, colon, semi-colon, period, exclamation mark, ampersand, "@" symbol, and plus sign.

❥ Simple design stamps available: Regular Heart, Hand Drawn Heart, Tiny Hand Drawn Heart, Wave, Paw Print, Conch Seashell, Scallop Seashell (too tall for Slim Bars), Double Infinity, Sideways Arrow, Cactus (too tall for Slim Bars), North Carolina, and Virginia.

You can request your stamping aligned to the left, right, or centered. The default placement is centered. Leave this note during the checkout process (there's a box there for notes and additional instructions).

❥ If you are unsure of how your stamping will look in a certain font, you can request an mock-up (preview) by email. It will include all of the font options to help you make a choice.