All fonts are between 2.5mm and 3mm tall, but varying widths affect how many characters will fit on your item. Jacqueline is the skinniest, and uppercase Typewriter is the widest. Character counts are listed on each item's page, or email us with any questions.
Stella is a classically elegant, cursive handwriting font. Available in both uppercase and lowercase, but no numbers. If you want numbers with this font, Minimalist numbers can be used.
Minimalist is an uppercase sans serif block font (Arial). Numbers are available.
Jacqueline is a handwriting font that is narrower than the others. If you have a long stamping, this font will allow more characters to fit. The lowercase letters are very tiny, so all caps are suggested for short names or words like “MAMA” or “AMY”. Uppercase, lowercase, and numbers are available. If your stamping includes numbers, this is the suggested font to use (so that they match).
Typewriter is a classic serif font that includes uppercase, lowercase, and numbers. This style of lettering is not forgiving, so variations in alignment tend to stand out.
Sloane is a beautiful calligraphy font that is available in lowercase only. It is currently in production and should be available at the end of June.
Marlo is a thin, cursive handwriting font. It will be available in lowercase and numbers. Coming soon!
hashtag, ampersand, comma, colon, semi-colon, dash, period, exclamation mark, "@" symbol, degree symbol, and plus sign